Dear Diary

“You know the worst thing about living in 2153? No flying cars.”

My soon-to-be ex-boyfriend said that to me a few hours before he used me as a human shild during a gunfight. Is it strange I still remember him saying that after all this time?

What sucks is my life had just started to pan out. My master’s degree had finally landed me a great paying job as a nanotech bioengineer with a company on the cutting edge of medi-nanite research. Sure, most of that fat salary went to paying off the mound of debt that got me that science degree. Even so, I had a little extra cash in my pocket. Enough for a kickass apartment in South Jordan overlooking the booming city of Salt Lake. I even had a new boyfriend my daughter didn’t despise, even if it turned out we were both dead wrong about him. Yep. Things were looking pretty good.

Until I woke up in a world gone mad.

Still not sure how I ended up here. I went to work one day, bad things happened, and the next thing I knew the human race was little more than rubble.

Vicious tenticled monsters, bug-brained zombies, invaders from outer space, a deranged government with no care or concern for anyone but themselves... and did I mention the dinosaurs? Yeah, there are dinosaurs. Not the best welcoming committee for a girl who's used to having modern-day conveniences. God, how I miss air-conditioning!

On the plus side, I met a really cute guy.